About Our Mom-A-Thon

Mom-a-thon is a virtual race to save the lives of moms and children in forgotten communities in Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Kenya. For 26 days, Curamericas will ask folks to consider contributing $1-5 per day to the cause (a small sacrifice resulting in a huge impact).

Help Us Reach Our Goal

Mom-a-thon is patterned after a 26-mile marathon…without the physical exertion. Once participants have registered for the race, we’re asking that instead of running 26 consecutive miles, they devote a minute a day to our daily coaching updates.


These updates will include videos from the field, encouragement from staff as you persevere through the 26-mile race, and information about the reality facing many mothers and children across the world.  


Curamericas depends on the support of individuals and organizations to provide lifesaving health care services and education where they are needed most. By becoming a supporter you are joining a group of compassionate and forward-thinking individuals who are dedicated to ending the unnecessary death of the world's most vulnerable population, mothers and children. Register for Mom-a-thon today.

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