About Our Mom-A-Thon

Mom-a-thon is a virtual race to save the lives of moms and children in forgotten communities in countries like Bolivia, Guatemala, Haiti, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Kenya. For 26 days, Curamericas will ask folks to consider contributing at various giving levels to support the goal of providing life-saving healthcare to 12,500 families.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

 For $28, Curamericas can provide access to life-saving medical resources for one mom and her family for a year. From now through the end of the year, we're aiming to raise $350,000. That's the equivalent of 12,500 families served!

The Mom-a-thon will culminate with a 26-day marathon of stories from November 28-
December 23. Each day, we'll share the story of a real mom, including some from right here in the United States. Each will speak to the importance of access to modern healthcare and education as well as how Curamericas' work is literally saving lives and transforming how communities think about healthcare. Register for Mom-a-thon today.

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