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    Marathon participants complete a 26 mile race that can result in toe nail loss, chaffing in unmentionable areas, and irreparable damage to their relatability. And what do they get in return? One of those tin foil blankets. Which is great for fighting the cold, found atop the self-made, marathon runner’s pedestal (fact: these delusions of grandeur are called “runner’s high”).

    Mom-A-Thon participants complete a $26 dollar donation that results in zero physical injuries and is frequently accomplished from the comfort of their couch. After making this donation, many experience the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with the knowledge that they have helped improve the health and wellbeing of moms and kiddos around the globe.

    Still not sure if you should make a donation? Remember that the things you post on the internet are there forever. So for anyone looking to balance out a few of your lesser moments with something positive, now is the time! If $26 seem a little low to improve your online image (you know who you are, I know who you are), do yourself a favor and donate a little more.

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